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By embracing all aspects of our being without fear, we feel whole, free & empowered to create the life of our dreams. Emotional authenticity, peace of mind & sensual embodiment is what offers us the experience of feeling truly alive. Vibrant well-being results when we live without shame, walk through our fears, choose consciously while honoring all aspects of our being, & feel free to genuinely share who we are in harmonic exchange with others.

Anna guides individuals along the path of conscious creation, so that one may find inner peace, experience fulfillment within & learn how to cultivate healthy intimate relationships in which one thrives.

Navigating our own complex lives with our own needs, wants & desires while sharing our time, presence & affection with another who has similar complexities, can offer innumerable struggles within any relationship. So many potential issues can make for an unhealthy or imbalanced exchange including communication, boundary setting, expressing depth of vulnerability, co-dependencies, insecurities, incompatibilities, intimacy issues & so much more. Intimacy is an art that can be cultivated so every individual feels loved, supported, encouraged, appreciated & honored as they are, while sharing in a mutually beneficial relationship that thrives!

Anna is dedicated to helping individuals unify mental, emotional & spiritual well-being with healthy body image & balanced sensual/sexual expression so that clients may experience a life of vibrant wellness. Using proven effective & holistic techniques, Anna guides clients in embracing all aspects of being (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual) to become more fulfilled in life while gaining the courage, empowerment & confidence to overcome fear, shame & work through any intimacy, dating, sex or relationship challenges with total authenticity & direct communication. Self-acceptance is necessary to feel comfortable in opening up, sharing & exchanging in relationship. Anna is present, grounded, compassionate & playful while utilizing an interactive & hands-on approach. Some of the various techniques & tools are meditation, visual imagery, conscious breath, tantra, emotional processing, massage, conscious touch, sacred intimate healing, somatic bodywork, exposure therapy, facing & embracing fears, inner child integration, shadow work, self-nurturing techniques, etc.

Working with Anna, clients build confidence, become emotionally self-aware, learn to express total authenticity while sharing in a balanced exchange of deep intimacy. Contact Anna today to feel honored, supported, appreciated & wholly embraced while experiencing Cuddle & Platonic Touch, Sacred Intimate Healing or learning the Art of Intimacy.

Anna has also co-authored a book with leading empowerment teachers from all over the world. Within The Change Series Book 11 has written how to embody the state of being we prefer in order to consciously create the life of our dreams. Be a part of the change today & buy a copy of the Change Series Book 11 here!

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