Art of Intimacy Sessions

Art of Intimacy Sessions

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Relationship is about exchange. It’s about respecting one another, sharing & working together along the path of life. Intimate relationships require openness in sharing vulnerabilities, understanding, communication & much more, so the individuals involved feel honored, supported & nurtured. For any relationship to be healthy, it must be mutually beneficial as a way of enhancing each other’s experience.

Fulfillment is only ever actualized within one’s own self alone, then all other relationships (romantic or otherwise) serve to ENHANCE one’s already joy-filled life. Another individual will never be able to fulfill us, no matter how amazing they are. We are only ever fulfilled from within our own self, internally.

In our current culture, most are not taught how to have healthy, thriving relationships. But more importantly, we are not taught how to love our very own self. Then we can share in healthy, balanced relationships with others. Sharing our time, presence & affection with another is only part of intimate relationships. We must be able to open ourselves up to being emotionally authentic & be comfortable in sharing our depths with another to create strong intimate bonds. Intimacy is a fine art that can be learned & cultivated.

*If you struggle with relationships that feels unhealthy or imbalanced, the Art of Intimacy sessions will teach you how to communicate your wants, needs & desires more directly, set boundaries & participate in balanced, healthy relationship dynamics.

*If you feel less than confident opening up, experience anxiety when it comes to intimacy, are insecure or just generally struggle with intimacy in that dating feels uncomfortable or even daunting, the Art of Intimacy sessions will help you become comfortable with yourself & in sharing your time, presence & affection with another in healthy, balanced & mutually beneficial ways.

*If you struggle with commitment issues or if cultivating fulfilling healthy relationships has so far proven unsuccessful but is something you desire, the Art of Intimacy sessions will teach you how to nurture vibrant relationships that match your personal style & the authenticity of you in every way.

Using proven effective & holistic techniques, Anna guides clients in embracing all aspects of being (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual) to become more fulfilled in life while gaining the courage, empowerment & confidence to overcome fear, shame & work through any intimacy, dating, sex or relationship challenges with total authenticity & direct communication. Anna is present, grounded, compassionate & playful while utilizing an interactive & hands-on approach. Some of the various techniques & tools are meditation, visual imagery, conscious breath, tantra, massage, conscious touch, sacred intimate healing, somatic bodywork, exposure therapy, facing & embracing fears, inner child integration, shadow work, self-nurturing techniques, etc.

Working with Anna, clients build confidence, become emotionally self-aware, learn to express total authenticity while sharing in a balanced exchange of deep intimacy. The Art of Intimacy sessions are a one-of-a-kind experience in opening up one’s heart, mind, body & soul to the exquisitely delicious dance of sacred exchange while feeling safe, secure, confident & empowered.

You decide whether the Art of Intimacy Sessions will take place at your local residence or at the Intimacy Coach’s Westminster location. Touch-Topia’s Creator & Intimacy Coach is Anna Horst. Anna is committed to touching hearts, souls & minds while teaching the art of intimacy & healthy relating. Please see the About Me page for more information about Anna.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to call 720-548-7176 anytime.

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