Consciously Thriving 90 Minute Session

Consciously Thriving 90 Minute Session

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In these one-on-one sessions you will learn the art of Conscious Creation. Create the life of your dreams by living consciously! Learn to THRIVE! Cultivate deeper relationships, live a life of purpose, honor your most authentic truth, enjoy each moment & be grateful for each breath. Live consciously!

Consciously embrace, integrate & balance all parts of yourself to feel more fulfilled in every arena of your experience. Embody your most authentic truth to feel aligned with your greatest passions. Become more fulfilled in life while gaining the courage, empowerment & confidence to overcome fear, guilt, shame & blame while working through any of life’s challenges with total authenticity & direct communication.

Some of the various techniques & tools used in these sessions (in person or remote video chat) include meditation, visual imagery, conscious breath, emotional processing, exposure therapy, facing & embracing fears, inner child integration, shadow work, self-nurturing techniques, conscious touch, etc.

Build confidence & start believing in yourself & your biggest dreams! Overcome fear, become more self-aware, learn to express authentically, participate in healthy & balanced connections, consciously co-create & thrive!

Contact Anna today to feel honored, supported, appreciated & wholly embraced.

In person local sessions are available in the Erie, PA area. Please call 720-548-7176 to discuss sliding scale options & discounts.

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