“Thanks for your help. You helped me overcome several of my issues.” -Amit
”I have known Anna for quite some time through the internet, and I saw her posts regarding issues that everyone faces on an everyday basis. I set up a call urgently to find a way to resolve my issues and being the sweet person she is, she agreed to it. The session provided me a major breakthrough, and I was able to control one of my major issues instantly. I would recommend Anna's session without any doubt.” -Amit

“Anna is a very special being. She is the embodiment of unconditional love. She has helped me open my heart in a most sublime way. Her words give rise to inclusion and never separation. She is a blessing and a sign post of things to come.” -Heriberto Flores

"I wanted to say to you that you have tremendous inner/outer energy that is astonishing...You have a very high frequency that is almost a language not heard often. Thank you for you." -Kate M. Miller

"You're the light which shows me the proper path to help people. You're my guiding light. Loving you truly, as you're a pure soul." -Tejas Naik

"Thank you for being a shining light for all the world. You are one of my favorite people. Your gnosis has inspired my own gnosis, as I begin unraveling more of my core wounds." -Karla Calalang

“I just want to say thank you. You really helped change my life and turn my life around. I love you like family. You’re a great person. Just want to let you know what you’ve done for me. I love you. I wish I could give you a huge hug. And give you some of my energy, because I have so much now. You are magical. You know the right things to say to me. I wish I could afford you to be my life coach for the rest my life. You’ve helped me through things that are very uncomfortable, but now I know who I am.” -Tim Hymes

"Do you think the exercises I did with you started this? It sure seems like it......Yes, it seems that was a block that has been dissolving." -Michelle Grote 

“I highly recommend Anna. She has always been available and without reservation or judgement or conditions. I appreciate her beyond measure. My gratitude is deep for her sharing her brilliance and wisdom in helping to lift me up out of my darkness and bring me back into alignment. She is amazing and an excellent coach. She brings me back to myself reminding me that I have the answers inside, my own inner knowing and to trust myself. I have been receiving coaching from her for a few years now. My progression was a slow and gradual unfolding until about 4 months ago. Since then, I have shifted, at an accelerated rate, to this current state of my conscious awareness with Anna's assistance. These past few months my deep intense depression has been greater then ever before and, at times, seemed unbearable at my lowest points and the transformation/evolving/expanding/deepening has been more grand than I could have ever imagined. She reminded me to allow myself to feel everything in order to move through it and to nurture myself in the process. All the ups and downs and highs and lows and tears and laughter and pain and joy have been an amazing learning and growth process. I went from confusion to clarity. She has been there/here every step of the way encouraging me. I went from feeling unworthy and insecure and full of fear about a relationship to being confident in knowing my worth and secure in what I have to offer and share in a love relationship. I am now balanced and I have come to confidently know that I am ready for a long term relationship. “ -Melissa Jones